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Glutamine | 750g

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Quick Overview

- Enhanced Muscle Recovery
- Strengthen Immune System
- Prevent Muscle Tissue Breakdown

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Glutamine or L-Glutamine accounts for more than 60% of all the free amino acids in muscle cells.
It is directly related to protein synthesis, the immune system and regulates ammonium levels that can be toxic to the body’s cells.

During intense exercise the body’s demand on glutamine can increase dramatically. The body’s organs will require additional glutamine and the muscles will replenish these stores into the blood. L-Glutamine can help nutralize lactic acid, ammonium build up and catabolic hormones which deplete the muscle tissue even more. Taking glutamine along with your carbs and protein close to your workout will help your body build rather than break down.

- Pure L-Glutamine
- Unflavored for easy mixing with Protein Shakes
- Mixes easily with a spoon
- Supplementing Glutamine can help reduce muscle soreness and rebuild muscle tissue
- Increase Growth Hormone Levels
- Speeds up wound and burn healing and recovery
- Maintains muscle cell volume and hydration
- Increase Protein Synthesis
- Prevents Muscle Breakdown
- Can also help repair / heal certain stomach and ulcer problems
- Boost depleted Glutamine levels after intense exercise which otherwise can lead to a weakened immune system.
- Synthetically produced to USP pharmaceutical standards.

Typical Nutrition Profile
Amount Per
  Serve 100g
L-Glutamine 5g 100g

Serving Size: 5g (rounded teaspoon) with 250ml water.
Directions: Take 3 serves a day, best taken before bed and before / immediately after workouts.

# Don't take Creatine and Glutamine at the same time Pre-Workout as they compete for absorption
People with kidney or liver problems please consult your doctor first.

Single Serving
5 g
per container
1 Standard Serve
Serving Costs 750g
1 Standard Serving $0.33
2 Standard Serves Per Day $0.67
3 Standard Serves Per Day $1
Per 100g $6.67