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Whey Protein Isolate Powder | WPI

Quick Overview

- 93% Protein (28g per 30g Serve)
- 0.4% Fat, 2.1% Carbs

- Instantised for easier mixing
- Per KG: 1.3kg = $54.50, 3.25kg = $49.50, 6.5kg = $48.50
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NZ WPI whey protein isolate powder

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Evolv Supplements WPI is one of, if not the most cost effective Whey Protein Powder in New Zealand.
If your looking for cheap, but very high quality whey protein powder then look no further. Using Pure Whey Protein without additional fillers / sweetners and flavours you are getting the best bang for buck.

Main Benefits and uses of WPI:
- High protein content for muscle recovery for bodybuilders, sportsmen & everyone else
- Quick and easy to mix protein shakes
- Great meal replacement when on the run
- Low fat and sugar with high protein is ideal for replacing unhealthy meals to lose fat
- Easy to add your own flavours and sweetners if wanted
- Evolv Supplements 100% Instantised Whey Protein created via ion exchange and proprietary ultra filtration process.
- Very low lactose for easier digestion
- Post workout fast acting protein for recovery
- Vegetarian
- GMO Free

We recommend adding Stevia sweetener  as a natural, 0 carb, easy way to give it a sweeter taste. (50g bag is around 250 servings for under $20)
Chocolate, Vanilla & Lime flavours are also available

Servings Size: 3 heaped dessertspoons (30g) with 1-2 cups of water or milk. Best in a shaker.

Directions: Take 1-2 serves 3 times a day (morning, afternoon & before bed)
On training days: Take within 30 post workout. (This replaces one daily serving)

100% Whey.

Ingredients: Whey Protein Isolate, Soy lecithin (Instantiser)

 Typical Nutriton Profile Per 100g Per 30g Serve
Protein (g) 92.8 27.8
Carbohydrates (Total)  (g) 0.2 <0.1
Carbohydrates | Sugars, lactose (g) 0.2 <0.1
Fat  (g) <0.8 <0.3
Saturated fat  (g) 0.5 <0.2
Sodium (mg)  539 161.7
Energy (kJ)  1,620 486.0
Calories (kcal)  385 115.5
Iron (mg)  0.2 0.1
Calcium (mg)  79 23.7


Amino Acid Profile  
Essential ammino Acids Typical Amount per
100gm of Protein
Isoleucine 6.3g
Leucine 14.3g
Lysine 11.2g
Methionine 2.4g
Phenylalanine 3.8g
Theronine 5.3g
Thyptophan 2.4g
Valine 5.6g
Non-Essential Amino Acids  
Histidine 2.0g
Alanine 5.7g
Arginine 3.0g
Aspartic Acid 12.5g
Cystenine/cystine 4.0g
Glutamic Acid 17.6g
Glycine 1.8g
Proline 4.5g
Serine 4.5g
Tyosine 4.2g

Single Serving
30 g
0.5kg 1.3kg 3.25kg & Larger
per container per container per container
1 Standard Serve
17 43 108
1 Large Serve
8 22 54
Protein 467g  1213g  3033g 
Serving Costs 0.5kg 1.3kg 3.25kg & Larger
1 Standard Serving $2.28 $1.64 $1.49
2 Standard Serves Per Day $4.56 $3.27 $2.97
3 Standard Serves Per Day $6.84 $4.91 $4.46
1 Large Serving Per Day $4.56 $3.27 $2.97
2 Large Servings Per Day $9.12 $6.54 $5.94
3 Large Servings Per Day $13.68 $9.81 $8.91
Per 100g $7.6 $5.45 $4.95